A book Illustrated & Written by Hee Jung Jung

A hungry seagull is searching for fish. Sniff, sniff! He follows the smell. The smell is strong, but they are nowhere to be seen. Where are all the fish hiding? Will the seagull find them?

My first project at PIBOCO. I was in charge of animation, scripting and set-up. See below for an extraction of the book.

The book is available to read at PIBOCO on App Store or Google Play


Illustrated & Written - Hee Jung Jung

Creative Director - Aksel Køie

Storyboard - Christoffer Stahlschmidt

Set-up / Animation / Scripting - August Wahlberg

Music & Sound Design - Jesper Ankarfeld

Special Thanks to Christoffer Stahlschmidt for being a great mentor!